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DRY ICE—Solid carbon dioxide that sublimates at -78.5C (-110F) and is used primarily as a coolant.

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Dry Ice in VT and NH

North Country offers dry ice retail delivery in Vermont and New Hampshire.  Same day or overnight delivery options  are possible.

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It is used for preserving things by keeping them very cold and for producing a smoky effect in musical and theatrical performances.

Dry Ice Applications

  • Refrigeration: Dry Ice will keep perishable items frozen longer and fresher with out all the hassle and mess of traditional ice. It's perfect for shipping, picnics or camping trips. And Dry Ice is the only form of ice that can keep ice cream frozen.

  • Special Effects: "Fog" for parties, haunted houses, "Witches Brew", Punch Jack-O-Lanterns, school projects, making baking soda, volcanoes, around the house, car dent removal (hold a little Dry Ice on a small car dent and it will reduce the dent without chipping or cracking the paint), construction projects.

  • Carbonated Liquids: Adding Dry Ice to a non- carbonated drink will give it bubbles and make it cold.

  • Retard Bacteria Growth: Adding Dry Ice snow during hamburger and sausage preparation reduces the meat's temperature rapidly, which retards bacteria growth.

  • Displace oxygen from food storage containers

  • Custom machining applications

  • Heat treating metals

  • Emergency Refrigeration